Confirmation Card - Gold Flowers
£ 3.25 (incl. UK VAT)


Introducing our captivating Confirmation Card, elegantly adorned with intricate gold foil line drawings of flowers and hearts. Each delicate detail exudes a sense of beauty and grace, symbolizing the abundance of love and blessings that accompany the confirmation ceremony. Against a backdrop of sophistication, this card offers a heartfelt message of congratulations and love to the recipient as they embark on this sacred journey of faith and spiritual growth.With its timeless design and meaningful sentiment, this card serves as a touching tribute to the significance of the confirmation milestone. Whether given by family members, friends, or members of the church community, it expresses sincere wishes for the recipient's continued spiritual journey and the abundance of blessings that await them. As they embrace this momentous occasion, let this card be a symbol of love, support, and celebration, commemorating the depth of their faith and the richness of their spiritual experience.

  • 6"x 6" size
  • Blank Inside
  • Matching Envelope
  • Foil Features