Large Birthday Card - Balloons
£ 4.99 (incl. UK VAT)


Celebrate in style with our magnificent A4 size greetings card featuring a dark background adorned with a constellation of shimmering stars. At the heart of this celestial display lies a bunch of delightful birthday balloons, bringing a pop of colour and joy to the scene. With the simple yet heartfelt message 'Happy Birthday', this card is sure to make their special day sparkle with happiness and cheer.
Imagine the scene: a captivating backdrop of deep darkness, illuminated by an array of twinkling stars that dance and glimmer with every glance. Amidst this cosmic display, a collection of vibrant birthday balloons floats gracefully, adding a touch of whimsy and celebration to the occasion.Emblazoned with the words 'Happy Birthday' in elegant lettering, this larger-than-life card is the perfect way to send your warmest wishes and make the birthday celebration truly memorable. Whether you're celebrating with friends, family, or cherished companions, this card is sure to bring a smile to their face and fill their heart with joy.With ample space inside for your personalised message, you can add your own heartfelt sentiments and make the birthday celebration truly unique. So why settle for an ordinary birthday card when you can share the magic and wonder of the occasion with our A4 Birthday Balloons Greetings Card? Get ready to make their day shine with happiness and delight!

  • 12"x 8.5" size
  • Blank Inside
  • Matching Envelope
  • Foil Features