New Home Card - Cactus
£ 3.25 (incl. UK VAT)


Celebrate the joyous occasion of a new home with our delightful New Home Card, featuring a charming cactus adorned with vibrant pink flowers in a gleaming gold pot. This beautifully designed card is a perfect way to convey your warm wishes to someone embarking on the exciting journey of making a new space their own.
At the center of the design is a picturesque cactus, symbolising resilience and warmth, flourishing in its golden pot. Beside it, a "Home Sweet Home" greetings card adds a touch of sentimentality, expressing the heartfelt sentiment of finding comfort and happiness in a new abode. The message "Happy New Home" exudes positivity and marks the beginning of a wonderful chapter in the recipient's life.

  • 6"x 6" size
  • Blank Inside
  • Matching Envelope
  • Foil Features
  • Tip-on Attachments