Juvenile: Adorable Greeting Cards for Kids!

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Posted: 2nd Feb 2023

We wanted to make sure we have cards for everyone, so the Juvenile collection is for the kids. Our mission is to create greeting cards that speak to the hearts of children and parents alike. That’s why we have created a unique collection of cute cards featuring an array of adorable animals, from koalas to zebras, penguins to sloths, and more!

The Juvenile collection is perfect for any birthday – and there’s something special for every child in our range. We have cards for ages 1 to 4, and specific relations too, so if you are looking for a sweet birthday card for you grandson, we have you covered. With an array of adorable animals too, we have cute cats and dogs, and sweet bears and cheetahs!

Each card takes you on a magical journey into the world of animals, with bright colours and bold designs that invite kids to explore their creative side. Every card is designed with love by our wonderful team and made with love, hoping that any child that receives one of these cards will have a big smile on their face.



We also offer these cards in a mix of two sizes, so there is a selection of cards available in a 7” x 5” and some 6” x 6”.


6” x 6”


7” x 5”

Conclusion: We hope you have enjoyed learning about the Juvenile collection! With its cheerful designs it’s no wonder why this collection has become so popular among parents and kids alike. So don’t wait – check out our range today and start spreading joy with Juvenile! https://www.hammondgower.co.uk/products/599/collections/juvenile